Square1 Art Reminder

sq1artSquare 1 Art turns your child’s art into a keepsake masterpiece! Pick from iPhone covers, necklaces, coffee cups, and much more. This exciting fundraiser is open to Glacier Hills students and siblings.

Product samples available at Glacier Hills or online at www.square1art.com.

Glacier Hills Booster Club will receive a portion of the sales. This is a great way to give back to Glacier Hills while giving/receiving personalized masterpieces.

Each child that creates and submits a completed form will receive a sheet of FREE Stickers!

Important Dates

  • Submit all art to school on or before March 10th
  • FREE STICKERS and order forms sent home around April 1st
  • Order deadline will be April 15th
  • Approximate product distribution around May 3rd
  • Order your child’s art and benefit your child’s school!

Important Square 1 Art Requirements

  • Encourage/guide your child to create a piece of artwork on the paper provided
  • Use one sheet per artwork
  • Siblings may participate in this fundraiser by creating their own art (additional paper in the office)
  • An adult must complete the Artist Identification section on ALL art submitted in black ink only (siblings will indicate the Glacier Hills student’s teacher)
  • Art should be centered in the space with less important details at the edges (**leave about an 1 inch of trim or fill with solid color)
  • Materials NOT Recommended for Creating Art: colored pencils, lead pencils, photographs, gel pens, glitter, light watercolors, fluorescent and neon paints/markers

Material Recommended for Creating Art

  • Markers (bold/vibrant colors)
  • Tempera paint
  • Intense/bright watercolors
  • Crayons (bold/vibrant colors)
  • Oil Crayons

Submit art by March 10th and cherish it for years to come!

If you have questions please contact Alissa Clark at alissamay32@gmail.com