Did you know that every donation for school fundraising events is tax-deductible!?!

Thank you for supporting Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science!

Fundraiser Contact Details
Tax-Deductible Donations Glacier Hills
Make checks payable to Glacier Hills Booster Club or give by credit card at
Gift Cards Jenny Casper
Order forms available on Glacier Hills home page during ordering periods. Visit to order on-line.
Husky Hustle
5K and Family
Fun Run
Karen Brean
Jenny Caspter
October 7, 2017
Glacier Hills Carnival Miranda Noll
April 27, 2018
Book Fair Emily Amundson
November and March
Raises money to support the library.
Box Tops Janelle Wodele
Joanne Barry
Drop off bins located in the school lobby. Each box top brings in 10¢. They add up quickly. For a list of participating products visit, click here.
United Way
Fund Drives
Scott Thomas Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts and Science is a non-profit that you can select when participating in United Way fundraising efforts at many employers. You’ll need to identify the school and possibly indicate the address: 3825 Glacier Dr, Eagan, MN 55123. Your company may match your donation!