Glacier Hills Community Cultural Night

Thursday, January 28th, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

treeWe are thrilled to be bringing back our Community Cultural Event for its third year. What a great opportunity to be united by pride in our Glacier Hills school family and to celebrate all the richness and benefits we gain from being such a diverse community. Every family in our school community has something to share, from culinary to craft, art, music, dance, or storytelling. What traditions do you and your family enjoy? We are looking for Glacier Hills families to participate and share your culture and traditions with our school community. Whether it be dance, song, crafts, storytelling and language, or food: this is our chance to encounter one another in celebration of what makes our school community so vibrant. From biryani to lefse, quesadillas to kugel, banh mi to bi bim bap, or even grandma’s hot dish, it all has a place in our event. Start thinking NOW about how you can participate.