Glacier Hills Cultural Family Event

womanIt’s that time again to dust off those dancing shoes and sharpen up on your dancing moves, review and recite those interesting cultural stories, cook/bake those favorite family dishes and get to know the families better at Glacier Hills Elementary through culture sharing. Dance or share the unique, fun and exciting traditions your family enjoys throughout the year. Such as knitting, beading, weaving, singing, sewing, making baskets or clothing, paint or makeup (Henna art), storytelling and sharing fun and interesting legends, share your language (teach us some new words), spiritual living and the meaning behind them (dream catchers, totem poles), or anything your family would enjoy teaching others about your family traditions.

The evening is intended for celebration and sharing the various cultures that make up the Glacier Hills Elementary School of Arts & Science community. Tables will be available to share your talents or customs whether it be a special craft or a tasty bite of your favorite food. If dance is part of your heritage, we would love to have you teach/demonstrate to others during the evening.

Committee Members: Janelle Wodele, Veronika Alfaro, Karen Brean, Jennifer Gilbert, Angela Corbine, Namita Kapoor, Glenda Decapia, Dana Wedward and Ambuja Goswami.

Contact: Ambuja Goswami with any questions or concerns. Email:

DATE: 1/29/2015 (Thu 6:00PM – 8:00PM)

LOCATION: Glacier Hills Gymnasium