Husky Hustle Wrap-up

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our 3rd Annual Husky Hustle! We met our fundraising goal AND had a lot of fun! After expenses, we raised just shy of $22,000 for the school! That’s a new record for this event.

Thank you to all who participated! We’d also like to thank Anderson Race Management for their generous pricing on their race services and to Horace Mann Insurance for their sponsorship. We also thank Penn Cycle for donating the bike for our prize drawing. We congratulate Marisa Novak in Mrs. Kelly’s class on winning the bike!

We couldn’t host this event without our volunteers. Thanks to all the parents and staff who volunteered their time! We especially thank those parents who served on our Husky Hustle committee: Janelle Wodele, Dana Wedward, Jenny Casper, Joanne Barry, Gina Freeman, Jenny Williams, Kat Timm, Anita Oakman, Kari Kleven, Ambuja Goswami, and Sarah Amend-Marshall. Lastly, thanks to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Holten for being such great cheerleaders and good sports as we rewarded our students for their hard work!

The winners were:

  • Adult Men: Travis Burkstrand, David Labno and Wade Laugen
  • Adult Women: Holly Grimsrud, Erin Paulsen, Julie Axelrod
  • Glacier Hills boys: Sullivan Labno, Isaac Wodele, Sam Cairns (Samson Axelrod was 2nd, but not from GH)
  • Glacier Hills girls: Amelia Labno, Tori Wetterlind, Katelyn Barry
  • Youth 12-16 Boys: Conner Delmonico, Hudson Labno, Brady LaBahn
  • Youth 12-16 Girls: Josie Champlin, Ellie Skoog, Kendall Meier

Kids’ races:

  • PreK – Girls: Sami Swenson, Jessica Johnson
  • PreK – Boys: Evan Hanzel, Tyler Cracauer, Nathan Andrewsen
  • K – Girls: Amelia Holmstrom, Allison Marohl, Alexis Esparza
  • K – Boys: Cameron Andrewsen, Evan Hammerberg, Xaiver Haffley
  • 1st – Girls: Lauren Wedward, Advika Chaudlavi, Sophia Rudoy
  • 1st – Boys: Max Smith, Evan Young and Jackson Cammeron, Ankit Mukhopadhyay
  • 2nd – Girls: Sophia Sears, Ella Lang, Evelyn Aggerholm
  • 2nd – Boys: Ethan Wollak, Piercen Haehnel, Connor King
  • 3rd – Girls: Laura Casper, Amelia Labno, Anushka Aravindan
  • 3rd – Boys: Matthew Johnson and Riley Jacklitch, Avery Carter, Evan Cracauer (three-way tie for 2nd)
  • 4th – Girls: Abby Williams, Shayla Tang, Samantha Rudoy
  • 4th – Boys: Logan Lowther, Chet Kloss, Ryan Maisuk
  • 5th – Girls: Olivia Noll, Della Maisuk, Nadia Thimjon
  • 5th – Boys: Isaac Wodele, Dylan Wedward, Creed Anderson